Nico Stagias is a Toronto based DOP, producer and editor who has worked in television for the past 20 years. His education includes an MFA degree in Film Production at the University of British Columbia and an Honour’s BA in Communication Studies at Concordia University.

As a filmmaker/ visual creator, Nico’s achievements include 2 awards at the Inside Out Film Festival for Best Artistic Achievement in a film and Best Audience Choice Award at the Oregon Queer Film Festival. In addition, Nico’s visual elements for “TimeCode Break” (a Toronto Dance Theatre dance performance) helped garner the show a DORA Award for Best Production.

As an editor, Nico was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for the documentary “Christopher House: Ahead the Curve”.

Nico directed, produced, shot and edited over 20 promotional commercials for Nickelodeon TV. This campaign, which was shot in India, Malaysia and the Philippines, won two Silver ProMax awards for Best Campaign and Best Comedic Campaign.

Nico also partners with Border2Border Entertainment and has helped create a slew of TV series and documentaries. These DOP credits include: Shadowlands (scripted series) I’m A Stripper (doc series), PopPorn (doc series), Drag Heals (doc series), Dating Unlocked (dating show), and the following stand alone documentaries: Serviced, iParty, KINK, Studlebrity, Balls, Drawn this Way, and Positive Youth.

DOP and camera credits include work on shows like: Great Canadian Cottages, Bahamas Life, Storage Wars, Canada’s Worst Driver, Don’t Drive Here, Dinner Party Wars, Four Weddings, Bump! and Keeping Canada Alive.